Nathan K. McGraw

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My name is Nathan K. McGraw and this is my portfolio.

I'm a visual effects artist trained in production supervision and post-production.
Currently, I'm a live event creative designer at Production Plus Technologies out of Chicago.


Hi everyone, and welcome to my site. My name is Nathan K. McGraw (nK). I currently find my inspiration out of Chicago Illinois where I grew up in the western suburbs.

Film was not my first passion, I started at Western IL doing Graphic Communication and Instructional Technology. I originally wanted to do web design and advertising, which I still hold some passion for; but towards the end of my schooling at Western IL. I found a new passion in film and visual effects. I wanted to take Photoshop to 24 frames a second instead of just 1.

I finished my education at Columbia College Chicago in Film & Video. With Columbia not having any focus on visual effects, I did my best to make my own curriculum. Another assistance in furthering my visual effects knowledge was The Pixel Corp. out of California. This online community helped me learn new techniques and software suites that would never have been possible at a traditional school.

My focus was manly towards post production, but I never wanted to hold myself to a single position on a project. I have put myself out to every position that I possibly could. I Gripped for 28 days on an independent feature, I've directed a work out video, and what I consider my specialty, I've been The Visual Effects Supervisor on many films and music videos. Currently though, I am the 3D Render Artist & Print Manager for Production Plus, a scenic company out of Burr Ridge, IL.

Visual Effects is an art forum that too few people understand. VFX is believed to be this little black box that can do anything. I saw this play out over and over again sitting in post production. I got out of the chair and started coming on sets and sitting through pre-production meetings to get rid of this mentality. Visual Effects are quickly becoming the norm in film and video and I'm working to teach people it's more then just a big green cloth behind their actors.


Now about this Blog, it's just as much for me as I want it to be for you. I am not a veteran Visual Effects Artist that has worked on million dollar motion picture. I'm a twenty-six year old newbie that wants to be a veteran Visual Effects Artist working on million dollar motion pictures. I'm here to learn just like you, and theirs a good chance that I might not know everything or even get something wrong, that's why I have all of you. But I'm a very quick learner. This is meant to be a community to share with, I just thought I'd take the initiative. So feel free to tell me when I'm wrong, just give me a chance to make it up to you.

This wasn't said by me but I love it anyway and anyone that works in this industry knows what I mean.

"The difference between a Novice and a Master are 10,000 mistakes."