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My name is Nathan K. McGraw and this is my portfolio.

I'm a visual effects artist trained in production supervision and post-production.
Currently, I'm a live event creative designer at Production Plus Technologies out of Chicago.

Realistic Lighting in 3D

Alright I know this isn't my work, but I spent nine days editing the footage that kept giving me problems after problems, so I'm using my editing problem solving as my creative work for the week, cause this took up all my time. Anyway...

This is a talk from our January Chicago C4D meeting and I have to say I think it's was the best. It will defiantly be difficult to top it at least. Nick Campbell ( was our presenter, he went over realistic lighting in 3D. Take the time to watch this video, it is a real eye opener for something I think most people have the most difficult with. Lighting on set is always a given, but we tend to make it a last thought when we are working in 3D. For the few of that where trained properly in lighting a set, it's something about working inside of a program that just complete makes us forget about the basics. Nick does an absolute fantastic job going over the fundamentals of light your scene in 3D. This is a must watch talk that you'll come back to many times.

...we also Previewed the City Kit for Cinema that you should check out. City Kit

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