Nathan K. McGraw

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My name is Nathan K. McGraw and this is my portfolio.

I'm a visual effects artist trained in production supervision and post-production.
Currently, I'm a live event creative designer at Production Plus Technologies out of Chicago.

2018 Highlights

Scenic AR Demo - Chicago

iOS Programmer - Scenic Modeler

SAP Max Attention 2018 - Miami

Scenic Designer - Print Specialist - Graphic Installer

IntraLinks 2018 - Salt Lake City

Scenic Designer

Mary Kay Leadership 2018 - Georgia

Print Specialist

Red Rock Deli Chips Experience (PROPOSAL)

Scenic Designer

ASAE Annual Meeting 2018 (Proposal) - Chicago

Design Team Lead - Scenic Designer

Scenic design Team Event:

Owl's Brew Booth 2018
SAP Max 2018 - Central Showcase
McKinsey Washington DC 2018
Takeda Alunbrig Global Launch
Weekend Charlie Ross
GNYHA 2018 Entry Arch
SAP ASUG - Nickle Material
HPE Discover Press Reception
Dynami 2018
GNYHA 2018

SAP Select 2018
SAP Max 2018 - Hospitality Counters
SAP Max 2018 - Demo Wall
Oracle ModernCX
Mass Mutual Leadership 2018
Posto31 - Exterior Update
Citi TTS Country Heads
HPE Stockholders 2018
Wyndham 2018
Consensus 2017


Dell Pong
SAP MaxAttention 2018
Perkins Coie - UPDATE
Red Rock Deli Chips - Run of Show Stand
CITI ICG Markets
ASAE Wintrust Arena
ASAE Soldiers Field
ASAE McCormick West
ASAE Navy Pier AON
Realogy 2019
Sage Therapeutics