Nathan K. McGraw

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My name is Nathan K. McGraw and this is my portfolio.

I'm a visual effects artist trained in production supervision and post-production.
Currently, I'm a live event creative designer at Production Plus Technologies out of Chicago.

2017 Highlights

NextGen UGM 2017 - Las Vegas

Scenic Designer - Projection Mapping Lead Specialist - Mapping Content Creator - Live Event Mapping Technician

Dinos & Dragons Brookfield Zoo at Macy's Chicago 2017 - Chicago

Project Leader

AT&T Discover Wall 2017 - Houston

Scenic Designer - Print Specialist

National Geographic's Further Base Camp 2017 - SXSW

Scenic Designer - Print Specialist

Paradisus 2017 - Chicago

Scenic Designer - Print Specialist

Midnight Texas Comic-Con 2017 - San Diago

Scenic Designer - Print Specialist

UL Trade Show Booth (Proposal)

Scenic Designer - Print Specialist

BMW Championship (Proposal) - Chicago

Scenic Lead - Scenic Designer - Print Specialist

Blackhawks Celebration 2017 (Proposal) - Chicago

Scenic Designer - Print Specialist

Girl Scouts Infinity Room 2017

Scenic Designer - Print Specialist

Scenic design Team Event:

MMGA 2018
Tesaro GS 2018
POSTO 31 - Interior
Sage Therapeutics
M Finantial 2018
Perkins Coie
TEDx abbvie
POSTO 31 - Exterior
Mary Kay - Cadilliac
MMGA 2018
Takeda EMEA
Intralinks 2018
Star Strings
SCJ SW Green Screen Sets
SCJ Snowspeeder Build
SCJ Snowspeeder
HPE Table survey
Citi CEO Summit 2017
Mary Kay
Square Planet Sign
HPE Fast Start 2017
HPE Registration 2017
Wendys Wall
Larry King Desk

O'riley Auto Graphic
HPE CIO 2017 Madrid
Cube Test
AT&T Discovery Wall_Redux
Novo Commitment Wall
ABC 2018
Girl Scouts 2017
Hook and Ring Toss
Mark 43 2017
HPE SAM 2017_Carl
UL 20x20 Booth 2017
NextGen 17
Sanofi 2017
McDonalds Awards 2017
Outset Tradeshow Booth 2017
M Marketing Meeting 2017
Comicon Midnight Texas_Water Tower
Comicon Midnight Texas_Tent Interrior 2017
Midnight Texas_Tent Exterior
Comicon Midnight Texas 2017
R&D_Perspective Test

NW Mutual Entrance Walls
HPE Inner Circle
BMW Championship
HPE Discover 2017 - Innovation Theaters
Brookfield Macys Windows
SAP Tool Bench
SAP ASUG Lecturn
SAP Sapphire NOW Leonardo Pieces
GNYHA 2017 Reception_Carl
Blackhawks Celebration
Hornitos Tequilla Room
Wells Fargo
HPE CWM 2017
HPE CIO 2017
Mark43 IACP 2017
AT&T Video Booth and Wall
HPE Cloud Service
HPE SaleNEXT 2017
Electric Wheel Chair Model
SAP Connected City
TopGolf Game
NRG Pipe

HPE Living Wall_Carl
HPE Studio Booth
Nat Geo Lincoln Center
Mass Mutual Leaders 2017
Live Portrait Test
Daichi Chicago
SAP MaxAttention 2017
SAP 2017 Lectern
McKinsey 2017
HPE Sales Culture Kickoff
CSL Behring
CDW Cafeteria
UL Small Booth
Lays Wall
Il Posto
UL Annual Meeting
HPE Brand Guide Update 2017
NatGeo Further
Paradisus Cancun Snow Globe
HPE PQA 2017