Nathan K. McGraw

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My name is Nathan K. McGraw and this is my portfolio.

I'm a visual effects artist trained in production supervision and post-production.
Currently, I'm a live event creative designer at Production Plus Technologies out of Chicago.

Nathan K McGraw
Chicago, IL

email: | phone 312.834.3762


Production Plus Technologies | Summer ‘11 – Current

Primary Responsibility: Scenic Designer & Print Manager
Secondary Responsibility: 3D Render Artist, Graphic Designer, Projection Mapper, LED Tech., R&D of new technologies, After Effects Compositor, 3D Camera Operator, Motion Graphic Artist, Web Designer

Director of Scenic Production: Doug Thomson
Project Manager: Carl Purvee
Audio/Video: Mark Kieta


Pizza Hut of America | Summer '00 - Summer '11

Primary Responsibility: Store Manager
Secondary Responsibility: Cash Control, Scheduling, Management Training, Customer Support, Hiring

General Manager: Kat Costa
Regional Manger: Rachel Kelly


Columbia College Chicago | Chicago, IL  |  2009
Bachelor of Arts - Film & Video
Focus: Post-Production (Visual Effects)

| Visual Effects Techniques| Compositing | Lighting | Motion Graphics | Editing | Sound Design | Post Audio | Screenwriting | Production | Development & Pre Production | Script Analysis | Acting Techniques |

Western Illinois University | Macomb, IL   |   Fall '03-Summer '06
Major: Graphic Communication    |  Minor: Instructional Technology & Telecommunication

| Digital Image Manipulation | Web Design | Electronic Desktop Publishing | Graphic Presentations | Graphic Illustration | Color Image and Halftone Scanning  | Page Design |


| 3D Lighting - Modeling - Rendering | Compositing | Matchmoving | Set Extension | Rotoscoping | Stabilization | Planar and Point Tracking | Object Removal | Motion Graphics | Set & Location Lighting | Sound Design | Film and Video Camera operating | 2D Image manipulation | Web Design | Director | Producer | Editing | DIT |


| Final Cut Pro | Motion | Soundtrack Pro | Adobe After Effects | Photoshop | Dreamweaver | Illustrator | Shake | Boujou | SynthEye | Imagineer Mocha Pro | Cinema 4D | Conduit | ProTools | AutoDesk Flint | Avid | DSLR Remote Pro | REDalert | Microsoft Suite | MadMapper | Modul8 | Unity 3D |


| Canon HDSLR | Panasonic HVX200 | RED ONE | JVC GY-200 | Sound Mixing Board | Steady-Cam | Lighting, Grip, & Electric | Mic's | Tripod | Dolly | Jib | DMX LEDs |

Filming Experience

Philips – Ambient Experience RSNA ‘11

Primary Responsibility: Compositor, Color Corrector
Secondary Responsibility: Editor

Client: Philips Imaging
3D Artist: Jack Bransfield
Producer: HyperActive Media

Corporate Marketing ‘09

Primary Responsibility: Grip
Secondary Responsibility: Greenscreen Technician

Producer: Alex Lindsay

Fancy Pants – Independent Feature Film Summer ‘08

Primary Responsibility: Grip
Secondary Set Responsibility: Green Screen Unit lighting and set-up
Post-Production Responsibility: Compositor, Camera Stabilization
Pre-Production Responsibility: Auditions

Director: Josh Russell
Producer: Dan Hanson
Director of Photography: Jim Andra
Gaffer: Nathan Gregor

Untitled Fitness Team One LLC. Video Fall ‘09

Primary Responsibility: Director, Pre-Production Producer
Post-Production Responsibility: Compositor, Camera Tracking, Color Grading, Editor, Motion Graphics Artist

Director: Nathan McGraw
Producer: Jim Hays & Jennifer Urbaniak
Director of Photography: Nathan Gregory

Emmett’s Last Stand Summer ‘10

Set Responsibility: VFX Supervisor
Post-Production Responsibility: Compositor, Matchmover, CG Particle Generating, visual effects

Director: Brian Patterson
Producer: Angel Williams
Director of Photography: Kevin Moss

Coko Music Video – The Winner in Me Fall ‘09

Set Responsibility: VFX Supervisor, Live Compositor
Post-Production Responsibility: Compositor

Director: Joel Kapity
Producer: Dreams on Screen
Director of Photography: n/a

Untitled Dreams on Screen Music Video

Primary Responsibility: Greenscreen technician, Live Compositor

Director: Joel Kapity
Producer: Dreams on Screen
Director of Photography: Marc Menet

Home Detour – Columbia Graduate Film Summer ‘09

Primary Responsibility: Second Unit Visual Effects Supervisor
Post-Production Responsibility: Compositor, Camera Tracking, Day for Night Color Correction, Object Removal

Director: James Babiarz
Producer: Justin Stowell
Camera: Jordan Gzes

Ouch Popsicle's – Columbia Graduate Film Summer ‘09

Primary Responsibility: Visual Effects Artist
Post-Production Responsibility: Compositor, Object Removal, Camera Tracking, Object Placement

Director: Hannah Rosner
Producer: Ana Petersen
Editor: Ryan Knight


Pixel Corps. San Francisco, CA. | Spring ’06 - Current

Pixel Corps is a gathering of resources and talented individuals that are in the film and video industry. Hundreds of professional are available to assist with problems and discussions. When shooting in Chicago, I have been on the team to set up the green screen stage, lighting, teleprompter setup and RED ONE camera setup.

Chicago C4D. Chicago, IL. | Winter ’08 - Current

Local C4D users gather to discuss and learn new techniques with Maxon Cinema 4D.

Chicago Motion Graphics Club. Chicago, IL. | Winter ’10 - Current